Other Great Voice Over Teachers!

In Voice Over, and acting in general, It's important to study with more than one teacher.  Especially since most classes are fairly short and affordable. and taking classes with professionals working in the industry NOW is not only an amazing way to work on your craft, but to gain insight into the industry and make connections!




Roger knows his stuff!  He's a real pro in every sense of the word.  The perfect combination of veteran casting director and compassionate teacher.  His classes are definitely worth checking out                                                       

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I've had the pleasure of knowing and working with Carrie Faverty (head of the casting department at Sound Lounge, NYC) and I can't recommend her 1-Day Voice over Bootcamp highly enough!  She's a great teacher with a real knack for making things simple and attainable.  She's a fantastic Casting Director and Teacher and her class is definitely something to check out!                                                            

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